I have been asked to pass this on.



Dear Ray & Jeremy,

I will be going to the WTC meeting tomorrow night. There will be an update on the Neighbourhood Plan and the Community Governance Review. Would you like to go as well? I think it would be good to show interest and, even though they will be discussing the CGR in a closed session, the update could be very informative. 
I am considering using the Public Session to as them to explain why the CGR debate is a closed session when it is of public importance. There are no trade secrets or personal data that would be exposed. There is no reason I can see why they hold their discussion in a closed session.
Tomorrow's agenda is attached.

Hi Sally

Could you circulate this via your NHW site as the P.C. have been asked to inform our parishioners as to what will be taking plkace as from the 17th July. The P.C. will not be requesting a review as they feel that the community should have a local body representing them with its members being drawn from the local area. However I still feel that there will be a strong representation from Wadebridge for our parish to absorbed into the their parish, hopefully that will not happen but we


Burlawn Community Fun and Get Together over food, drinks and games. Bring whatever you need, if you want it bring it. Blanket, chairs, table, food, drinks, games, parasol.

There will be music, games and gazebos. A BBQ from around 5pm so if you want some hot food later on, bring your bangers and burgers.

Everyone welcome old and young, there will be some chairs for those in need.

If the weather is awful (and sadly at the

Hi All
I have been asked to pass this Facebook post from Amanda Pennington on the  'Love Wadebridge'  page on to Burlawn residents.
This is the post that Ms Pennington put on Facebook , 'This is an important consultation, and for people living in Wadebridge Town Council Tax area an opportunity for us to have the cost of local services spread more fairly.  Currently people paying council tax to Wadebridge Town council are funding the public toilets on the Platt

Picnic in the Park  Sunday   11th August 1pm
There was a much better response for a picnic type get together, so lets go with the popular response.
Bring what ever you need, food, drinks, chairs, blankets, games they family.
Although it would be nice to have our doggy friends, they can get excited, especially around food. So no dogs.
There has been an offer of a BBQ, later in the afternoon around 5pm ish.  If  you can't make the

97 th Land's End Motor Cycle trials 20 th April at 10.30 am approx 1 hour.

A summer party, community fun for all the family  get together was discussed at the Residents meeting in November. and now that summer is here!! 
Perhaps we should think of barbeques, balloons and booze, well for the adults amongst us.
We have so far had offers of barbeque, tables chairs, gazebos, parasol and help.
1, The Date, do we want it before the kids finish school, or when their on holiday? so if I suggest some dates, otherwise it could get tricky.
Saturday 13th

 MINUTES of Meeting on 20th November 2018 at Hawksfield Nursery

  1. A warm welcome to all residents old and new, we had a good ‘turn’ out. Thank you to all those who sent apologies.
  2. Burlawn Bus, shelter was covered by the Residents meeting which followed. However, needless to say we all agreed it was a great achievement by all those who worked so long and hard on getting it ‘off’ the ground or should I say fixing it to the ground! Again there will be more from Bex but it would be good to