Hi All
I have been asked to pass this Facebook post from Amanda Pennington on the  'Love Wadebridge'  page on to Burlawn residents.
This is the post that Ms Pennington put on Facebook , 'This is an important consultation, and for people living in Wadebridge Town Council Tax area an opportunity for us to have the cost of local services spread more fairly.  Currently people paying council tax to Wadebridge Town council are funding the public toilets on the Platt and on Egloshayle Road, the library and parks in the town.  These amenities are valuable assets to our community. If Egloshayle Parish and St Breock Parish became wards of Wadebridge Town Council then the new,  bigger Town Council would have a larger tax base, and a larger group of people would be sharing the cost of local services. Please respond and share'.
Apparently a merge of all parishes  would firstly mean a very large  parish, with all the difficulties of managing this. And probably more importantly we could  face a rise in our Council Tax and could have our 'say' limited. 
Please respond to Ray Jarrett Chair of St Breock Parish Council with your concerns and queries soon as possible.