MINUTES of Meeting on 20th November 2018 at Hawksfield Nursery

  1. A warm welcome to all residents old and new, we had a good ‘turn’ out. Thank you to all those who sent apologies.
  2. Burlawn Bus, shelter was covered by the Residents meeting which followed. However, needless to say we all agreed it was a great achievement by all those who worked so long and hard on getting it ‘off’ the ground or should I say fixing it to the ground! Again there will be more from Bex but it would be good to get together to have an official opening of the bus shelter. Any ideas send them in??? We can then get some pictures up on Burlawn.com and Burlawn Residents Facebook page.
  3. Devon and Cornwall twitter feed. Tweets   @DC-Police This may be of help when travelling further afield to check for any major events outside of county.                                            
  4. New members, I have recently dropped some ‘invites to our newer residents, but no replies yet. Numbers have just gone up to 47, as my neighbours are now here permanently. £45 in the kitty. (should be enough to purchase a new sign, see below no. 10).
  5. Devon and Cornwall Alert, I hope everyone is receiving this, if not please let me know. The reason for sending it through the D&C Alert is for their info and Stats,.
  6. Police ‘Drop in Surgery’. Devon and Cornwall Alert website, I found information about our local police. Go to bottom of the page right corner, click on D&C Police, then along top bar, click on ‘Your Area’ then click on ‘Meetings and Events’. This is where I found the following. ‘Police Drop In Surgery’ meet PSCO 30280 Clive Wherry, at John Betjeman Centre, Southern Way, in ‘The Snug’ 26th December 13.00hrs (I know it’s Boxing Day?). Then again 30th January and 27th February, same time and place.
  7. Defibrillator spruce up. we have Shaun, Lynn and myself, now we need to find a dry day!
  8. Slow Children sign, again need to find a dry day and a few screws or fittings!
  9. Police report. I did not get a response from our PSCO Pete Sobye this time. Therefore, no information on a police presence at Wadebridge or the proposed merger with the Ambulance Service.
  10. Any other business: NHW sign for the ‘top’ of Burlawn by the cross road post. I have spoken to someone twice and each time a promise of a return call but as yet no response. I’m on the case.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Reminder of important numbers:

Non –emergency Police 101

Non-emergency medical 111

Power cuts                         105

Health Watch Cornwall   0800 0381 281  

Crime Stoppers               0800 555 111

Action Fraud                    0300 123 2040



A very healthy peaceful and secure time this season, keep safe and warm. We do live in a ‘sleepy hollow’ ‘but’ and unfortunately there is always a but so take care of you and yours.  

Warm wishes. Sally