I'm going to be standpoint on my doorstep clapping for all our carers.
Lets do a big Burlawn clap at 8pm tonight, get the kids out making a noise
'See' you on the door step, drive ect, at 8pm!
2 March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

With lots of news going around about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to update you on Cornwall Council’s preparations and

Dear Sir / Madam, 24 October 2019


You are hereby invited to attend the Full Council Meeting of Wadebridge Town Council

to be held in the Town Hall, The Platt, Wadebridge on Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 7pm for

the purpose of transacting the following business.

Anne Minnis

Town Clerk

The Press & Public are invited to attend

A reminder that you can find the Parish website on the Links above.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: St Breock Parish. The Paddock Room. Hawksfield. Wadebbridge.

– The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 th March 2020.

I have been asked to pass this on.



Dear Ray & Jeremy,

I will be going to the WTC meeting tomorrow night. There will be an update on the Neighbourhood Plan and the Community Governance Review. Would you like to go as well? I think it would be good to show interest and, even though they will be discussing the CGR in a closed session, the update could be very informative. 
I am considering using the Public Session to as them to explain why the CGR debate

Hi Sally

Would you be kind enough to put this out on the N.H.W. contact list as this is probably the last Public Consultation Meeting that will be held before the Review Panel's recommendations are submitted to Cornwall Council. it will be the last chance for anybody to ask questions or express a view about Wadebridge's proposals in relation to St Breock Parish. I am trying to establish if I can attend to give a presentation, even if I am not allowed to speak I will still attend the meeting on




  1. Apologies received, thank you. The meeting was lively and well attended with new members attending and joining.

  1. The new signs have been noticed. Yipee!

  2. There have been some volunteers for cleaning and checking the Bus shelter. Also Ray is looking into putting something across the bottom to reduce the amount of leaves and rubbish that collects on the floor. Also the Defibrillator needs checking over


Burlawn Community Fun and Get Together over food, drinks and games. Bring whatever you need, if you want it bring it. Blanket, chairs, table, food, drinks, games, parasol.

There will be music, games and gazebos. A BBQ from around 5pm so if you want some hot food later on, bring your bangers and burgers.

Everyone welcome old and young, there will be some chairs for those in need.

If the weather is awful (and sadly at the